About us

💖Brand Concept - Treasure Your Little One with Unique and Selfless Love

Your baby is your precious little one, and you love them selflessly. At 3 Little Pigs Baby Store, we understand the value of your baby's uniqueness, and we want to help you express your love for them in a special way. Our founder, Cecilia, is a former full-time jewelry designer who gave up her career to create 3 Little Pigs Baby Store, so she could provide parents with personalized, high-quality accessories and gifts. With our brand, you can showcase your love for your baby with items that are as special and unique as they are.

💖Brand History - Creating Personalized and High-Quality Baby Accessories Since 2019

At 3 Little Pigs Baby Store, we've been providing parents with personalized and high-quality baby bibs, hats, and handmade items since 2019. Our founder, Cecilia, started the company after her daughter was born and she noticed the need for safe and stylish baby accessories. With her expertise in design and handcrafting, she's dedicated to creating items that are not only practical but also beautiful and unique. We treat every step of the process with the utmost attention to detail to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases. Trust us to provide the perfect accessories for your little one.

💖About Cecilia

Cecilia, a post-80s mom, has a 5-year-old daughter. In 2023, she moved to the UK with her family, and will continue to operate 3 Little Pigs Baby store in the UK, bringing her handcrafted products from Hong Kong to the UK.

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